The Groove was ON in college

I worked as a DJ in the day when the DJs played what they wanted. Or at least I sure as h*** did…:) Using an Album people, and even a 45 at times…Yes, I am that old. Well, to make a real long story longer…I jammed my a** off on radio stations from KYMO, KGMO, KSIM, KRCU, KCHR, KTMO, KMAL…among others….AND…I had some good gigs…like this one time…while at KRCU a band performing that night at Academic Hall came on my show…I hosted the nightly Rock program for a year while at SEMO…and, uhh…well….hmmm; I interviewed the guys; the studio was upstairs and had a view down onto the stage…cool, cool evening….I watched from back stage my friends in the front row having a blast…groovy groovy times….:)



  1. #1 by Anonymous on th30. 120200000005210 - 4:52 AM

    KRCU baby!! Loved it,, Casey

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