Ever wonder what experiences your child will have when they romp off to school in the morning. I know I do. Well, today, those silly alarm things we all went thru as kids come in handy today.

East Prairie Fire responded to AJ Martin Tuesday afternoon sending students outside the building for safety precautions as a short-circuit on an AC unit atop the cafeteria brought the department to the scene.

There were no injuries.

East Prairie Fire Department on scene

Kids were not allowed back in the building to retrieve their backpacks (great- I don’t have to sign nothing tonite); and fire personnel left the scene prior to school dismissal.

It’s a great comfort knowing that there was no panic in the rooms; according to my sources (Mason & Kaylie); they heard the bells; teacher(s) got them in line and out the door they went to safety. God Bless them all….

What did you learn at school today? Uh, hmm; that all bells and alarms are not rehearsals. Some times, it’s the real deal. Today, it was. And knowing where to go/how to act came in right handy I’d say….Kp

  1. #1 by Anonymous on th30. 020110000002009 - 12:20 AM

    Glad fire drills paid off!! We practice those at least once a month — last year we had the real deal too and got all students out safely also. Students now take drills much more seriously – and yes, teachers too!!

    • #2 by kpchronicle on th30. 020110000002457 - 4:24 AM

      There is a method to their madness; and I’m glad for it…:)

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