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I thought about not Publishing this…but, I did.

“I think happiness is overrated, truthfully. Sometimes you’re happy, sometimes  you’re not,” *he said. “There’s too much pressure to be happy. I don’t give a  (bleep). Being at peace is more of a goal for myself.”

*…legendary Brad Pitt…:)

For some odd reason, while reading an article today about Missouri native Brad Pitt’s contemplated retirement in three years at age 50, I exprienced an epiphany of sorts…

Nov. 14, 2011: I had been up since early this morning – about 3:30 a.m.; not a regular rising time for me. I did not know why. Got to bed early Sunday night; had a great evening with the kids playing video games and sharing ‘Family’ time…and turned in early.

And, then it hit me. Not that I didn’t know that it was my late Mother’s first birthday since her passing in April, but the magnitude of the emotions swelling within me…

The emotion of grieving is particularly personal.

In the South, we have an ancestral tie to grieving. My mom, Shirley Jean ‘McKinnie’ Pritchett was proud of her Tennessee kin; and I was as well – magnified by my late-in-life learning of the fact my great-great-great grandfather rode with the 7th TN. Calvary and General Nathan Bedford Forrest for the final two years of the war….

How long was it before Scarlett O’Hara was able to take off the Black Clothes and -I think -dance?

A random glimpse of her name on the Memorial Book under a rash of Newspapers; a glance at the mirror which contains one of the few photos I have of my mother; fond and endless memories making their way to my mind’s forefront with rays of sunshine gleaming’ in…

I hope you guys get my conveyance with my ‘Slengish’; southern slang in prose…; in all genuineness, it’s an attempt to put into proper perspective  the meaning of life and – to me – that’s a pretty difficult thing to do apparently.   I don’t know, I may be alone in this thinking.

*The following was written thru a stream of consciousness I wish to share only once – in my lifetime.

In regards to this prior matter, the perspective in life is only gained through years lived. It’s just the way it works sometimes. So, at 51 and staring the future straight in the face, the focus becomes crystalized…

The moving away from my small, beloved Hometown

I have two traveling partners on this sojourn in Life; as I sit here with the wind blowing feverishly into the window a west warm breeze blazing away on the keyboard hopefully destined to live that dream so that others can fulfill theirs…

I welcome the obligation to impart what I’ve gained thru my 51 years on this planet – with well documented life long struggles with daily life; the experiences of living – on the outlaw side – and on the inside within the system…

Knowing right from wrong but choosing to do wrong more than right more often than not.

This world we inhabit is a most peculiar place. I believe in GOD. I know that ray of sunshine beaming on my hands as I write this comes from a place far away; And, no, I don’t have all the answers.

Don’t pretend to have them.

I’m obligated to keep my two young innocent children from harm’s way until they can protect their own self; don’t throw them to the wolves before their eyes aren’t opened to see the end of the line..

There is a way.

There is a plan. There is Hope.

It’s all within your heart.

Rest in Peace Mom; for you efforts shall not be in vain…

*later reaction to above post…

*Today has been a most humbling day. All families deal with tragedy, suffering, heartbreak and  sorrow. It’s’ life. It’s what we live. Tomorrow is not a given. Take today. This day and make it all you got because tomorrow…

As I regrouped – as best I could – to venture to the graveyard for the first time since Mom passed. I halted. These are the things that you must do. I took Kaylie and Mason with me for support.

Not a great place for an 8 & 9-year-old to spend a spring-feeling late fall afternoon – but I did. It’s what I was tought to do.

So, as I drove to the gravesite. I saw an Angel standing there waiting for me….

*Someday I’ll tell the story about that…but not Today.

For, if the Good Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise again…there is tomorrow…

And, then it rained….

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11th hour…

Frankly, one of the underrated American holidays; along with Memorial Day.  Yes, we honor and celebrate the commemorations with due and proper respect, but there is also – those days – a different perspective from which we – or I should say as I see behave/react/conduct ourselves that day.

There seems a sense of somberness – which, I feel – is quite appropriate.

I have talked earlier today about my Dad’s dad (C.C. Pritchett ) and his participation in the First World War. Notherdaddy, as the family called him, relayed his full story – for the first time that I am aware – to Mr Joe Web who was compiling an oral history of East Prairie. A volume of work that is central to the documentation of this county. Mr. Webb’s works can be found at the stellar East Prairie Museum in Ep.

Curt’s recollections are part of that book. I don’t’ remember too many people calling him that, but a few did. I won’t bore you with many more details about my beloved grandfather, you can read about them in Mr. Webb’s work, but a couple I’ll leave with you here.

When Mr. Webb did his oral history of Ep; Notherdaddy (My father’s father, C.C. Pritchett) was the oldest surviving WWI vet in the Prairie; I recall a story he told of a German soldier rushing him; his bayonet was hung in the man he just killed and couldn’t remove his weapon; as the other man got closer, he stomped on the chest of the one man – ‘crushing it’ he recalled and was able to get his bayonet up in time to kill the one rushing him; he never told these stories around the family…but for Mr. Webb, he recalled that experience…

Like most Americans, we are honored by the service of our forefathers for the call to duty. I had many relatives who served; a couple come to mind; my cousin ‘Bubby’ (Verlon Pritchett, Jr.) who took a tour with the Army to get out of East Prairie while the getting was good for him at that time – and turned it into a distinguished career eventually leading to teaching US Rangers how jump out the plane at the esteemed Ft. Campbell base in Kentucky.

The Army saved Bubby’s life before his second calling; that as a preacher who has served at our  family funerals; he’s quite a man and I respect him immensely.

My mother’s brother Wayne McKinne (RIP) was in Da Nang during the Vietnam War at its apex in the lat 60’s…served as a plan mechanic; he was not – as most vets – very open about his experiences; but as one of his favorite nephews – or annoying – and a budding reporter – there were times I asked; and he told me…

There was a piece of shrapnel my Granny and Grandpa kept atop their refrigerator for some reason in the home they lived just outside of Charleston on the old road to Bertrand. I ‘nipped’ myself a number of times picking it up; it was one of the things Uncle Wayne brought back with him from Nam.

My son Mason’s grandfather was in Nam; in the jungle as a tunnel rat – he brought back shrapnel from the War as well….just not in the form of an detonated grenade…

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the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month….

…When Mr. Webb did his oral history of Ep; Notherdaddy (My father’s father, C.C. Pritchett) was the oldest surviving WWI vet in the Prairie; I recall a story he told of a German soldier rushing him; his bayonet was hung in the man he just killed and couldn’t remove his weapon; as the other man got closer, he stomped on the chest of the one man – ‘crushing it’ he recalled and was able to get his bayonet up in time to kill the one rushing him; he never told these stories around the family…but for Mr. Webb, he recalled that experience…
This from a FB post earlier; I’m working on a piece to post at tonite’s version of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month…hope you’ll take a chance to read…Kp

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My take on ‘Jo Pa’…for what it’s worth…Kp

This is a particularly difficult topic for me – personally – to address. As a survivor, confronting the issue is maddening and terrifying on many levels and – yet – strengthening on others.

Life is simple for me now. Finding a way in this seemingly wicked world we inhabit to allow my children the ‘Mayberry’ feel to growing up before the cold cruel world comes calling.

I debated on having a take on the situation; as I am  in a job search – using the Kp Chronicle as a running resume, it’s not something a prospective employer would like to read on his daily blog roundup. But, I can’t sit silent. No way.

I recall a lengthy conversation I had with a childhood friend – may God Rest His Soul  – who detailed his abuse as a child in our hometown. I wrote that conversation down on scraps of paper because he was talking so fast I couldn’t keep coherent notes.

Recording iphones were not a part of one’s daily existence back when I originally worked this story. I’m not going to stay on that topic for long, just for purposes of disclosing I’ve seen this whole scenario play out before; followed it from the charges through the courtroom.

Generally, no literally speaking, Attorney Generals and Prosecutors don’t come forward with public documentation unless it’s iron clad stuff. Tell me the last case you recall that played out differently. I’ll save you a little trouble, the Duke Lacrosse team scandal. Now, find me another.

My late mother – a nearly three-decades long veteran journalist – recalled in her retirement it was the ‘most difficult story’ she ever had to cover dealing with the details and events concerning that trial. I think back to my conversation with my friend. And then, go to another conversation I had with a mutual friend to confirm the story.

I recall those details vividly today. The four words spoken by my friend still reverberate in my mind. They’re so graphic, I wouldn’t dare write it; my kids read this blog too.

Which is why it’s important to talk about this issue. Not to ignore; not to hit the delete button but hit the search button to gather info necessary to ensure your kids; and you neighbor’s kids; and their friends are aware of the dangers in our society it seems.

Our events happened more than two decades ago; but, you could place the same set of events/circumstances right in the lap of ‘Joe Pa’ with the cyclical sickness Sandusky dealt with until finally caught. It’s that similarly harrowing.

Full disclosure; I was a Joe Paterno fan. A Penn St. fan. I liked the simplicity of the uniforms; the integrity of the program. Linebacker U was a real deal to fans even outside of Happy Valley. The Nittany Lions were cool for all the right reasons.

And, now this.

How does one reconcile the dichotomy of this set of circumstances; If you can’t tell, I’m having a hard time doing so…just as I had back when I lost a job for refusing to keep my mouth shut in the investigation. Lost some friends; made some people mad and ashamed…; but, it was the right thing to do…

Years later, the man who fired me called and apologized for doing so; I accepted the apology and told him I understood. He was a good man, with a good family that worked hard to get where they were in life.

He added, I wished I would have believed you…Just as I’m sure those kids hoped those in State College, Pennsylvania who could – should – have listened to them – and acted…Kp

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TUESDAY – feels like a MONDAY, NOV. 1

Has the kinda fall-out feel for a Tuesday. Monday would be more appropriate I feel with the after glow of Halloween  – great nite for school age children to catch the ‘croupe’ – and combine this with the witching tale of Tony LaRussa’s resignation before the dust of the celebration of the greatest World Series in history was complete…

Hence my reasoning for this to have a Monday feel…FOR THE RECORD…

Saw numerous absolutely -apparently time-consuming – and ultra creative costumes while out and about in Charleston and the Ep Trunk or Treat plus the online sharing from various overgrown ‘kids’ enjoying the festive holiday…Great Times had by all….!

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