Thanksgiving….pre-post…; Man, lot of good football this weekend…

As I have participated in the Facebook chronicling of days of Thankfulness, I’m hoping it’s possible to write a couple of fun items throughout the Holidays without a long, saga of things that I am thankful. And, in a larger sense, I am thankful for each moment of each day and truly try to find a way to relay that thru my writings/my interactions with people – even outside of FB; and my supremely important growing and continuing life-long relationships with Mason and Kaylie. For that – everything more – I am thankful…

Now, to the real talking points of this article; Sports. There is a lot of good stuff to enjoy this weekend and I – like many of my fellow Cardinal Nation members – are still basking in the maturing realization of what we actually saw – and now believe what I just saw. Thanks Jack for those memories and thanks to the StL Cardinals for that wondrous ride thru the fall to the World Series Championship. Now, that’s a memory maker. Although there is no baseball this weekend, still a bit of chatter with the unsettling non-signing of Albert Pujols.

For the record: I’m 100% confident he will remain a Cardinal for life thus becoming the new ‘Mang’ in StL. I’m aware of the cynics who are finding numerous scenarios where King Albert leaves, but I’m not buying. Throughout it all, I still have faith in human kind and feel Pujols will do the right thing. Only time will tell…

To football: College football has taken a black eye with the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State. Those consequences will reverberate off the fields for years. On the field Saturday, the Nittany Lions face Wisconsin for a chance to play in the first ever Big 10 Championship Game. Kind of ironic, yes? The Bowl Championship Series *(BCS) is a shambles.  Which one-loss team deserves the right to be gator bait for LSU in the National Championship? Is this the last year for the current system; how far away are we from the +1 scenario wanted by many – and now, seemingly – the BCS itself. If #3 Arkansas beats unanimous #1 LSU, will the computers implode trying to decipher who plays where; when, and for what…

I don’t see that happening. LSU takes care of the Razorbacks – tho I will be rooting for the Hawgs – and Wisconsin wins at home over PSU.

Will Missouri beat Kansas and elevate its bowl berth a bit above the Outhouse Back Door Bowl? Obviously, there are a variety of more important and compelling reasons the Tiges left the Big 12, the second-tier bowl selections during the Chase Daniels era was a factor, however. Mizzou at 6-4 in the SEC gets better bowl placement than a 6-4 in the Big 12…

Lot of other quality college football and the NFL offers their annual Thanksgiving feast and traditions. This year, the Lions actually have a change to play for something. The Cowboys could be in for a let-down trap game. And the late Thursday addition on the NFL Network caps the day, filled with football family and feastdom. And there’s’ Sunday’s ritual of penance having to watch the Rams die a slow agonizingly boring football demise right in front of our very eyes. Or it may just be me. Piitchers and Catchers report in less than a 100 days.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone…Kp, Mason & Kaylie

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