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‘Upon Their Shoulders’…history of the MRC…

UPON THEIR SHOULDERS – A history of the Mississippi River commission from its inception through the advent of the modern Mississippi River and Tributaries Project

By Charles Camillio

Really a really, really good read so far….Really…..Kp

Might be a good Christmas present idea for residents in the BPNMF region…try Amazon and don’t forget BIG COLORING books for the kids…Remember, RIF…reading IS fundamental…

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EAGLE basketball brief retro…Ep season #100

Long-time East Prairie sports observers don’t talk a lot about the Eagles basketball prowess…

Here’s why. In a nutshell…This is the 100-th season of Ep basketball; the Eagles began play in 1911-12 season. We have enjoyed 19 winning seasons.

Since legendary coach Bud Hendrix left for the greener shores of North Carolina in 1989, where he continued his winning ways, East Prairie has registered 2 winning seasons.

18-10 under Matt Schonhoff in the 2006-7 season and 18-10 in the 2004-5 seasons. That last winning year was the 19th in school history.

The first was in the Eagles’ second season in 1912-13 where under R.A. Doyle the team went 3-1. Clem Walker’s 7-1 team in 1916-17 was the second. Then, again in the 1920-21 (3-2), 1923-24 (5-4), 1923-24 (5-4) and 1924-25 (4-3), the schools first back to back winning seasons.

Seven coaches later, the Eagles would notch another winning season under Hugh May in the 1940-41 (14-4); the first to reach double digit victories. Jack Russell led the Eagles to another pair of back to back winning season in 1946-47 (8-7) and 1947-48 (13-6).

The final of back to back winning seasons – until Hendrix – came on the 10th winning record in the history of the school with Ray Melton’s 1952-53 (20-4) and 1953-54 (13-7) Eagles. That set of athletes also halted the losing streak in football to county rival Charleston.

Don Elliott’s 1958-59 team (8-7) would be the schools 11th and final winning season until the wildly successful – in Ep measure – Bud Hendrix era. There would be 12 coaches until the Hendrix returned to his alma mater in the 1980-81 season notching the school’s first winning season (13-12) since the 1958-59 season.

What Hendrix did in his decade (9 years) as coach is unparalleled. Frankly, no discussion of rivaled span of Eagles basketball exists. There were highlights from that run hopefully some of the old players will comment about on this story. The Bloomfield Christmas Tournament comes to mind; and a Scott Mississippi Conference tournament.

Ep experienced only two losing seasons under Coach Hendrix;  one was his second year at the helm in 1981-82 ( 4-16) and then not again until his next to last season (9-13) in 1987-88. Hendrix was .500 (12-12) in his final season at East Prairie.

In between, the Eagles rolled up a unprecedented and never seriously threatened record winning streak of 5-years in a row highlighted by the 23-6 team of 1985-86. The Eagles were 14–10 in 1982-83; 15-12 in 1983-84, 13-9 in 1984-85; 23-6 and then 14-10 in the final winning season of 1986-87.

It would take five more coaches to get the Eagles back into the winning column under current Portageville coach Jason Irby in 2004-2005. A stretch of nearly a quarter century (24 seasons) without a winning mark.

So, with those numbers fresh in the mind during this Centennial Season, come out and support the Eagles. It’s not about the wins and losses, but how you play the game some times.

Coach Casey Knight’s third edition of Eagles get underway at the Bernie Invitational playing top seed Risco to open the season Nov. 29 at 6 p.m.

I will say this for Coach Knight, these kids hustle and play with good sportsmanship that make EPHS proud. And, for that, Eagle alums and administration are truly thankful. What the Eagles may lack in pure hoops talent, the effort put forth on the floor can not be questioned under Knight’s helm.

And while there aren’t any 7-footers walking through the door anytime soon at Ep, the cupboard is getting stocked with more talent and an upcycle in on the horizon. This year, the Eagles will have to scrape out the W’s…but, they will be worth the price of admission and deserve support from Eagle Nation.

That’s why the play the games.

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