Chillaxin weekend…

There were times in life where Friday nights and weekends were consumed with finding something to do…just having to be moving, going somewhere doing – well – anything.

Not now…

Content with just being.

In one place at one time. Knowing the soft laughter and loud noises currently surrounding me are like music to my ears – that in the old days would have been coming from some band on a stage in some place.

But the place to be now is Home. And, simply, that’s where the Heart is…

It’s easy to see the joys. It’s also equally as tough to find the balance. Of Love and strictness; play and fun…chore time and school work. Lately, I’ve been retrospective in terms of analyzing the future prospects on the Horizon…and frankly, it’s been illuminating, excruciating and invigorating…

As one wise cousin said to me once, “It’ll be OK because it’s got to be OK.”

Profounder words were never uttered. Life forces dictate our existence. Dreams are only bound by lack of vision and Hope. Searching for the answers enhance this process we all share traveling the journey

Look around. In this time of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations ahead; Families will take time to share cherished memories; warmth and tenderness. All the while people are suffering, too.

The tragedy of the Oklahoma State basketball coaches; the ongoing national saga of a sordid child-sex scandal at one of the countries most prestigious universities; locally, two husbands are suspected in foul play in the disappearance of their wives; police are forced to shoot to protect themselves…

There is no escaping reality. Putting it on pause for a while and chillaixin for a weekend…

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