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A BIG HAT’S OFF to Andrew Ambrose for piloting us home safely after today’s flyover of the BPNMF; also kudos to Aaron Wallace – aaronvalleytrees You Tube – and generational farm owner of the floodway for setting up the plane ride; BTW, AA is also a generational landowner and farmer in the area and recalled a cool story about a 1937 sand deposit left on land he farms today…While, obviously, not a lot of conversation took place during flight but enough to understand the importance of what we were seeing today – as opposed to my early May flight and AA’s numerous flights with Randy Sutton. Wallace has documented the third activation site with incredible historical instinct. I can only post a few of these on the KRON, but will put full album on FACEBOOK this evening with explanation of the photos and a recount of what I saw then (early May) and what I photographed today..

This is the first shot as we approached the first activation at Birds Point. This shows the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers; the old Cairo bridge sits in the middle of this photo looking East….

The Confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

You can vividly see where the Ohio meshes with the Mississippi in this photo; the tugboat just entered the Mississippi….

First activation point; 62.5 levee is far left; 51 foot adjoins...

This location is where the water first started flowing from the 9,000 foot breach into the floodway; the 2,000 unexploded section sets at bottom left of photo; reconstructed 51 foot levee adjoins…

close up view

An incredible amount of reconstruction has been done to this points.  * see latest USACE update…..

Just wanted to get some of these posted;  the initial ones I’ve put thru Photoshop; AW was filming video of the ride which he will upload later today on his aaronvalleytrees….; I snapped about 270 pics…so I will put the remainder of them on FB when I get them edited and content to go along for context; I’ll also try to include relevant shots from my first flyover in early May….Again, thanks to Andrew Ambrose for taking us up…It was a cool ride and far different from what I saw after activation….;

More to follow…Kp