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Checiking the forecast for the Ohio River at Cairo, Ill., the NWS is calling for a crest of 42.4 Dec. 5.

With the reading at 37.4 on Wednesday and a forecast of 38.28 by 9 p.m. Thursday is appears the river is expected to rise nearly a foot a day over this five-day span.

With 51′ level reached at the upper and lower crevasses and with work proceeding as fast as humanely possible on the middle crevasse to get that 1.000 foot breach to the interim level. The Corps has publically stated their intent to aggressively flood flight the levee breaches to 55′ – and if one is to use a little logic – would fight higher if the fight could be won.

Broadcast and print reports have cited local politicians as concerned the interim grades will not be reached in time to ward off the water that is coming now – and the anticipated coming winter rains and runoff leading up to the sure-fire seasonal spring rise.

For perspectives sake; here’s what we’re looking at;  The lower crevasse is settled and with the breach in accessible points, flood fighting that will be the easier of the three. The middle crevasse – if a flood fight is needed – will be easily accessible on the land side of the levee  but river access is  a ways a way as noted by how far the dredging pipes were laid to bring in the sand from the river to fill in the new blue hole.

The upper crevasse, also knows as the confluence by the Corps, has been the site of incredible earth work and there is additional work being done just north of Cairo and in Western Kentucky to bring about a new management technique on the ‘confluence.’

As the middle crevasse is nearly 9,000 foot in length, flood fighting along this length of levee would be difficult; dangerous and costly. It is desired to have the 55′ mark hit and hope the river doesn’t ‘make another historic rise.

So, again, we are dealing with historical flood on top of the spring 2011 Flood of Record.

Rest assured, the USACE, under new MRC president Peabody, are aware of the recent problems as Peabody recently held the Great Lakes post the dealt with the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers and was instrumental in keeping the water back for as long as he could in late April.

Risking potential dam failures and widespread flooding in doing so. In fact, had Peabody and the Great Lakes Division had their way in the activation of the BPNMF its highly likely the deed would have been done prior to May 2.

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COVERAGE OUTLAY for basketball season….


*The basketball coverage of the Kp Chronicle will not be as time consuming an exhaustive as the football season – I lol to myself while typing that sentence. Sure it will; just not on the same break-neck speed for released needed to beat football self mandated deadlines.

To the basketball season, it’s a long, 4-month grueling slate with holiday tournaments; district tournaments; and then – for some – state tournaments, that you best not get all worked up over th beginning of the season because come March it will all fall out in the Tournament.

*Originally published  11/15

As the Thanksgiving weekend has passed with an abundance of sports – for which I was very thankful – it’s time now for HS hoops and the games begin to come rapid fire…

This is the first River Bend Classic I’ve missed in the past few years. In recent past coverage outlay, I earnestly tried to balance the North end of the County with the South end; the boys with girls teams. I can say with all candor, I did my best.

Now, I’m balancing two third graders full-time with all their needs and joys; tasks of simple amazement every single day. One of which would love to go to every game while the other not so much. So, I will not be attending as many this season. Though, I do owe Kellie Anderson Bone some basketball photos for allowing me to use the family camera during football season.

That’s a partial excuse by the way. Secondly, I will get to cherry pick games without a possible show of favoritism. Balance used to be the theme; Now, the game(s) of the week will be the calling.

Meaning, I’m missing a must-see game tonight in the Ladies’ Battle of Mississippi County as a powerful Charleston Lady Blue Jays team comes to the Prairie to play a growing Lady Eagles squad. Charleston brings one of the premier lady athletes in the region to the contest with Kasuela Cooper.

The teams also play with intensity and character; good sportsmanship and hustle from both teams. I’ll miss this game but will talk to veteran Ep coach Dr. Steven Douglas and second year Charleston coach Josh Thompson. Two teams fun to watch.

A couple years ago the Eagles were hard to stomach watching a varsity game. On court mis-conduct and lack of hustle and effort brought about a coaching change in Casey Knight.

In one of the toughest basketball jobs in SEMO, Knight’s team hustle; play hard and with good sportsmanship. They open the season Tuesday against Risco in the Bernie Invitational Tournament. I plan on attending. They deserve the support.

The Blue Jays are on a mission. Going 1-1 at the prestigious River Bend Classic topping Arkansas power Pine Bluff before losing to a juco-lookin West Memphis squad. Senior Gregory Tucker, an early signee with Northern Colorado poured in 23 and 26 points in the two games and the depth showed in the season opening win over the Zebras.

There will be more L’s on the Charleston ledger as I’ve stated, but come March, expect this Blue Jays edition to bring home another banner to the crowded loft at the historic gym.

Charleston hosts Dexter to open the SEMO Conference season Tuesday and then the Jays will likely enter the conference tourney – which begins Dec. 5 – as the number two seed and have a legitimate shot of bringing home the big hardware.

So, I’ll see a lot of games and will keep up with the season with input from the four coaches; all of whom are very media friendly in Coach Farmer,  Thompson, Knight and Douglas. Throw in the cooperation I’ve received from Coach Blackmon, Coach Aycock and the support of both administrations made covering the football seasonn a blast.

CANT WAIT…to what unfolds in the long, tourtous basketball season of 2011-12…

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Thanksgiving….pre-post…; Man, lot of good football this weekend…

As I have participated in the Facebook chronicling of days of Thankfulness, I’m hoping it’s possible to write a couple of fun items throughout the Holidays without a long, saga of things that I am thankful. And, in a larger sense, I am thankful for each moment of each day and truly try to find a way to relay that thru my writings/my interactions with people – even outside of FB; and my supremely important growing and continuing life-long relationships with Mason and Kaylie. For that – everything more – I am thankful…

Now, to the real talking points of this article; Sports. There is a lot of good stuff to enjoy this weekend and I – like many of my fellow Cardinal Nation members – are still basking in the maturing realization of what we actually saw – and now believe what I just saw. Thanks Jack for those memories and thanks to the StL Cardinals for that wondrous ride thru the fall to the World Series Championship. Now, that’s a memory maker. Although there is no baseball this weekend, still a bit of chatter with the unsettling non-signing of Albert Pujols.

For the record: I’m 100% confident he will remain a Cardinal for life thus becoming the new ‘Mang’ in StL. I’m aware of the cynics who are finding numerous scenarios where King Albert leaves, but I’m not buying. Throughout it all, I still have faith in human kind and feel Pujols will do the right thing. Only time will tell…

To football: College football has taken a black eye with the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State. Those consequences will reverberate off the fields for years. On the field Saturday, the Nittany Lions face Wisconsin for a chance to play in the first ever Big 10 Championship Game. Kind of ironic, yes? The Bowl Championship Series *(BCS) is a shambles.  Which one-loss team deserves the right to be gator bait for LSU in the National Championship? Is this the last year for the current system; how far away are we from the +1 scenario wanted by many – and now, seemingly – the BCS itself. If #3 Arkansas beats unanimous #1 LSU, will the computers implode trying to decipher who plays where; when, and for what…

I don’t see that happening. LSU takes care of the Razorbacks – tho I will be rooting for the Hawgs – and Wisconsin wins at home over PSU.

Will Missouri beat Kansas and elevate its bowl berth a bit above the Outhouse Back Door Bowl? Obviously, there are a variety of more important and compelling reasons the Tiges left the Big 12, the second-tier bowl selections during the Chase Daniels era was a factor, however. Mizzou at 6-4 in the SEC gets better bowl placement than a 6-4 in the Big 12…

Lot of other quality college football and the NFL offers their annual Thanksgiving feast and traditions. This year, the Lions actually have a change to play for something. The Cowboys could be in for a let-down trap game. And the late Thursday addition on the NFL Network caps the day, filled with football family and feastdom. And there’s’ Sunday’s ritual of penance having to watch the Rams die a slow agonizingly boring football demise right in front of our very eyes. Or it may just be me. Piitchers and Catchers report in less than a 100 days.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone…Kp, Mason & Kaylie

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Tradition rich Blue Jay basketball program…

It’s really a privilege to be able to cover the Charleston Blue Jays basketball program for as many years as I have…Missouri Hall of Fame Coach Danny Farmer is as press friendly as they get; and legendary former coach Lennies McFerren always knew how to make a young sportswriter comfortable.

Last year, however, was my first time to go the Final Four. Replete with credentials first class and a hotel room with the kids in hand, I chronicled the exciting third pace finish in a special section. And, the Jays were a free throw away from making the championship game.

This season Charleston is loaded for Bear. A strong schedule that will put L’s on the ledger, but as usual the strength gained and experience gathered on the floor will make another run to a title opportunity an achievable goal of this year’s edition.

Though Gregory Tucker – an early signee with Northern Colorado gets a lot of attention, and deservedly so – the Blue Jays are especially deep and experienced. Admittedly, there’s no guarantee Charleston escapes the state’s toughest District, but that is the expectation and anything less than a 20th trip to Columbia will be a disappointment.

Rack that up to expectations, yes and deservedly so; but well-earned.

Check this: 10 Missouri State Championships…4 Second Place finishes; 3 Third Place and 2 Fourth Place.

*Before we preview the 2011-12 edition, let’s take a quick glance back at last season. A scintillating and exciting weekend of hoops resulting in some more hardware for the stocked trophy case.

In the consolation game, Charleston came out flat after suffering the heartbreaking 86-79 OT loss to eventual state champ Hogan Prep. In that semifinal game, the Jays were a free-throw away from icing the game.

The Jays came out flat in the third place game trailing by 22 at intermission; fell behind by 24 to start the second half then but went on a record-setting tear to overwhelm a outstanding and astonished Elsberry 87-79.

Charleston owns the mark now for most points scored in a fourth quarter with the 38-point show out surpassing Riverview Garden’s 1992 record; and equaled esteemed Scott County Central points for a half with a 64-point output.

So, we enter 2011-12 with a baseball team coming off its first ever Final Four under coach Michael Minner; Brett Blackman’s football Blue Jays just come off a playoff experience. It’s up to the history laden basketball team to keep the streak going….

Any takers?….Thought not.

Full preview forthcoming before Friday’s matchup with Pine bluff, Ark. River Bend Classic at New Madrid County Central. The Jays play perennial Ark. power West Memphis Saturday.

For complete Charleston schedule.

*Farmer quotes*….endeavoring to reach Coach Farmer; which I do at his home phone; as I have done for years. When I was the Sports Editor of the Daily Dunklin Democrat in Kennett in the late 80’s ; I incorporated all the small schools in the area to be a part of the coverage, but needed to phone the coaches at home – (back in those days folks, remember, there were no such things as cell phones) so I got to know families; sons, wives and have great memories of time served there at the award-winning paper.

And to end this story, a quote from Charleston KCHR Radio man – and a lot more – Dave Manker, prior to the Blue Jays making their nearly seemingly annual trek to Columbia last year. ….*March 17, 2011 via Dave Manker!! Facebook post…. Dave also has just announced this is his last season as the play-by-play man. Job Well Done, sir…Kp

….For the 19th time, Charleston ‘s High School basketball team, the Blue Jays, left for Columbia to compete in the Final Four . Ten state champion banners hang in the gym. Ponder on this…Since 1967, 28 district titles. A 72-19 won/loss record in state playoff games, 19 trips to the Final 4 coming into this season. 10 state championships, 4 second place finishes, 2 third and 2 fourth. Hall of Fame season in 1990 (33-0)….go Blue Jays, bring us home another banner.

I think what Dave just said sums up what the Blue Jay Nation feels about their basketball team.

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‘Upon Their Shoulders’…history of the MRC…

UPON THEIR SHOULDERS – A history of the Mississippi River commission from its inception through the advent of the modern Mississippi River and Tributaries Project

By Charles Camillio

Really a really, really good read so far….Really…..Kp

Might be a good Christmas present idea for residents in the BPNMF region…try Amazon and don’t forget BIG COLORING books for the kids…Remember, RIF…reading IS fundamental…

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