Corps update: Oct. 24…notice to proceed…

The systems approach mentioned often by Major General Michael Walsh at a Friday press briefing at the Middle Crevasse, is being put in motion as indicated by a USACE release today (Oct. 24).

Corps issues Notices to Proceed on construction work in Cairo, Ill. Area

MEMPHIS, Tenn., OCT. 24, 2011 – The Memphis District, U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers announced today that they have issued two Notices to Proceed for construction contracts
in the Cairo, Ill. area.

A Notice to Proceed was issued Oct. 20, for contractor Inquip & Associates,Inc. 
of McLean, Va., to begin construction of a slurry trench above Cairo, Ill.
This project is located along the Upper Mississippi River in southern Ill.
and is aimed at addressing areas of under seepage that have been identified within the levee system.

A Notice to Proceed was issued Oct. 19, for contractor Quaternary Resources
of Baton Rouge,La., to begin construction of Relief Wells above Cairo, Ill. This project
consists of furnishing all labor and materials for the construction of 28 wells. This
work will also address areas of under seepage in the levee system.
Work is expected to begin on the relief wells on Monday, Oct. 24 and the
slurry trench no later than Nov. 1.

The Confluence area has been a serious concern from the USACE perspective. Exhaustive study and geo-technical analysis was conducted to determine the 55′ interim level the Corps decided to raise the level to on the upper crevasse that would not cause undue stress to other parts of the system.

This historic junction of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers is marvelous item to research….

To be cont.,…

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