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This is a story I’ll cherish always…



Normally found down the road at her friend Elijah’s playing baseball, jumping on the trampoline; or on the other side of the loop with the ‘Bestie’ Shelby Shockley; or believe this or not; still has an affinity for her 1st grade teacher and occasionally visits there…; So, there we were Sunday at the EPHS Auditorium at a beauty pageant…

The Cardinalis were in the midst of a win for the ages; the Rams had yet to be crushed by the Ravens but that was on my radar; and it was raining cats and dogs on the prairie; ever time it rains now I think of the BPNMF…; well back to the pageant and Kaylie.

It was a shock to me when she approached me with the sign-up; they’re always sending something home from school to sign/be in or purchase; and I got two …so, normally, I often overlook such stuff…but she wanted to do…I gave her the speech I gave my oldest daughter years ago my stance on beauty pageants.

Which, in case you don’t know, isn’t very good; tho I do understand and appreciate why people take part and enjoy the events, I do Kandi…I can’t sit still that long…:) And, neither can Mason, which is another great positive out of Sunday. Another fledgling photog…

I hem-hawed around it at the time but noticed Kaylie really did want to be in it; the topic was dropped for a few days and she really had given in to the fact that I wasn’t good with it, and it really wasn’t bother her. It was me. So, the Monday deadline to sign up I did so after dropping them off at school.

I didn’t tell her until she got in the car afer school; Priceless

Now, keep in mind she rocks an old-time silver scooter and moves about the neighborhood quite well; she can run an out; and throw a football about 12 yards with a spiral…; a monkey on a trampoline…but a beauty queen…NOT…she’s a Tomboy and really is good with it…

Don’t get me wrong, I know she’s  beautiful inside and out, but this beuaty queen thing is another thing altogether…jus sayin…and lone great thing about this is we’ve talked about it afterwards like we do all things and it’s all good…

Or so I thought; as parents – or more accurately – as I try to parent these two -allowing them to experience life tempered by minimizing needless disappointment, Dad was apprehensive. She was casual. Not really caught up in winning it.

Until Sunday.

Then, the nerves kicked in’ her experience of walking onto a stage like a contestant was a zero; she had never done it.   I constantly correct her about holding her arms across her body; so much so we’ve now got a complex…but we’re working on that…

How she handled herself on that stage awed me.

The self-confidence to do something like that for the first time as an 8-year old brought ultimate respect from her 51-year old father; not that I hadn’t held that dearly before, this was another realm – dimension of depth to the quality and variety of life she’s living….

And, then I cried…

woah...woah....Mr. Time...slow down...please...slow down



EP MOUNTAIN VIEW…game summary

One of the non-benefits from playing a super program – and far away – is difficulty in getting information. However, the benefit of battling the #10 school in the state; bonding with teammates on the long-road trip, and seeing first-hand what it takes to develop a state title-winning team outweight the negatives.

Mountain View Liberty (5-0) feasted on homecoming defeating the East Prairie Eagles 48-0. It was only 6-0 at the end of the first quarter, but the host Eagles poured on 28 points in the second quarter to grab a 34-0 halftime lead.

On the first play from scrimmage in the second half, Liberty broke off a long touchdown run to lead 41-0 and bring on the running clock and a fourth quarter TD for the final 48-0 margin.

And, a rather encouraging sign was the comments I received from Eagle players that show the caliber of leadership on this team is a reflection of the recent years upswing in the program. Yes, a program.

Under the leadership of veteran coach Jason Aycock ; offensive coördinator Gary Scott; assistant and key veteran JRHI coach James Hodges; Ben Walters and Chad Jamerson, this Eagle team will compete with class; respect for opponents and hit-hard for four quarters.

In FACEBOOK conversations with Eagle players Sunday evening, senior Phillip Latomondeer commented: “(Mountain  View)  were just bigger and faster than us. We’re so inexperienced right now with all the freshmen and sophomores playing. But we’re not known for excuses around here. So the other team played a heck of a game!”

Solid comment from  a seasoned Eagle who has known success on the field; but is suffering through his senior year with a foot injury that’s kept him off the field – and could for the entire season. Starting running back Brad Beck is out for the year with a wrist injury. Cody Huff was lost to a torn ACL in the Scott City game.

P-Lat may not be back: “I don’t know. I go back to the doctor the 4th. Hopefully they tell me I can play against Portageville. If not, then I probably won’t be playing at all this year.”

Senior leader Dalton Golightly. who began the year at quarterback but moved to the backfield to help the team weather the storm of injuries to key players said via a FACEBOOK comment.

“Liberty was the real deal.  Their defense flew to the ball well and their offense was explosive due to the passing game and the deep ball.   This week is our homecoming and there’s no doubt we will be pumped.   The coaches aren’t going to quit coaching just because we’ve struggled in past weeks and have had some tough breaks…so the team and I wont quit either.  I’ll continue to lead the team until the final whistle blows and I believe in them that they will follow me.  It would be nice to get a w this week and were gonna give it all we got just like every other Friday.”

Say what now…that’s some good parenting and good coaching right there. Dalton Golightly is one of those kids you would want to marry your daughter. That’s the type of kid – young man – he is…;someone needs to contact former Eagle Darren Lingle and tell him this would be an ideal candidate for the US Naval Academy right here…Hey; we got a super state representative with a son on the coaching staff, right…this looks like a doable deal…


Now, back to the game.

East Prairie hosts Chaffee (3-2, 1-2) Friday night for Homecoming. Expect an overflow crowd to come out and support this program in a rebuilding year. Your continued passionate support will be rewarded soon

The Red Devils aren’t the Chaffee teams of past years, however. Wins over Grandview 42-7 to open the season then a 47-17 South win over Portageville and a 39-7 win over St. Pius.

Hayti beat the Red Devils only 26-6 and Chaffee lost a South game to arch rival Scott City 34-20 in Week 5. Game time 7 p.m. Friday at the Eagle’s Nest.

But, read this from sophomore running back Frank Nave via FACEBOOK.

“I feel like (freshman quarterback Mack) Marcum came out and played good, he was positive. He was focused, he stayed calm, he stepped up.”

Vision this; a freshman QB leading a team against a state ranked opponent on the road at their Homecoming – and a key sophomore running back has his back. Speaks good for the future.  And, maybe a breakout game Friday.

Nave added: “This week is homecoming, but it’s no different than any other game. I feel like the teams going to be ready and pumped to play four quarters of football.”

Game time 7 p.m. Friday at the Eagle’s Nest.

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