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EAGLES – KENNETT: game story

There was something very positive East Prairie fans can take out of the 28-13 loss to Kennett Friday night that put the Eagles at 1-3 on the season. When you play freshman and sophomores against a charged-up veteran team seeking their first victory of the season; odds are things won’t turn out so good in the end.

But, during the game, the Eagles competed hard for four quarters – and trailed by a lone TD entering the 4th.

It was 7-7 at halftime courtesy of a Darius Warren (270 yards on the night) 17-yard Td romp at the 2:19 mark of the first period.

Ep responded quickly with a 11-yard run by freshman Adrian Soto on the first play of the second quarter. Sophomore Frankie Nave’s PAT knotted the score at 7 with 11:53 to play in the first half.

Kennett first-year coach Corey Akdisson wasn’t pleased with his team’s performance in the first two quarters but was allowed a bit of relief with his initial win as Indian head man with a clutch second half on the strength of Warren and running back/linebacker Logan Dollins who returned to action….

For Adkisson – who had to have a different  feeling standing on the opposing sidelines at East Prairie coaching the Indians – although he is an experienced assistant coach who had been there before – his team just needed a win.

“I knew it was going to be a hard-fought game,” said Adkisson. “It was a very physical game, both teams played hard. Execution wise each team had some turnovers (but) that goes along with the physical nature of the game and both teams playing hard. (Ep) always play hard and that’s what you know you’re going to get. “

“We survived the first half and started rolling a little better the second half. It’s great to get in the win column…it will help us moving forward; we look to put a winning streak together.”




Ep started with the ball in the second half but punted six plays into the drive as senior Dalton Golightly – in line for SEMO South All-Conference punter – put the Eagle defense in good position with Kennett’s first down beginning at their own 19-yard line.

However, the Indians went the length of the field – much like the first drive of the game – to grab a 14-7 lead culminated by a Warren 36-yard gallop to the end zone at the 5:35 mark of the third.

Playing field position, the Eagles’ Golightly again put the team in good shape as Kennett took over at their own 37 yard line on the following possession. A timely 3-and-out by the Eagle ‘D’ forced a Kennett punt setting the Eagles up at their own 31-yard line eyeing the tying score as the third quarter came to an end with Kennett leading 14-7.

What happened next was the key play to the contest. On the first play of the fourth quarter, the Indians picked off an Eagle pass setting up the momentum for a 7-play 58-yard drive capped by a Logan Dollins 6-yard plunge with 6:51 to play and a 21-7 Indian lead and control of the game.

Never give up. This is what the Eagles – under veteran coach Jason Aycock – have been taught to do. With a freshman at quarterback in his first varsity start – I assure you, he was feeling it; and Mack Marcum will be a good one for the Eagles for the next 3 years; he comes from a good line of Ep alum; but, the deck was stacked against an Eagle rally.

Getting good field position on the ensuing kickoff, rally is just what this youthful Eagle edition did on a 4-play drive giving Ep faithful promise in the near term. A Soto romp and a Golightly gain on a reverse set up Nave for the 2-yard TD cutting the Indian lead to 21-13 with 4:41 to play.

Gut check answered.

Kennett quarterback Adam Grantham’s 4-yard punch with under 2 minutes left in the game accounted for the final 28-13 margin. A key offsides penalty on the inexperienced Eagles converted a crucial 3rd-and-5 with 3:41 to play.

For the Eagles – lots of hope for the near future – help is on the way from the JrHi Eagles it’s reported; For the Indians – a big win for a program short on playoff appearances and SEMO Central titles – but never stopping short of striving for both of those….

GAME NOTES: Marcum, a freshman getting his first start on the varsity level, was wide-eyed and visibly-taken talking with his parents moments after the game…; a reserved and quiet kid,  ‘Mac’ answered this reporter’s questions like he knew what he was doing; and he was candid.

“It was an experience,” said Marcum, grinning yet wearing the look of a haggard warrior, “It was challenging.”

“(Kennett) was pretty tough. They had a good offense, ran the ball real well tonite. We just need to work hard next week in practice and come out with a victory Friday.”

Why Eagle fans can be proud of this team no matter the W-L record; Dalton Golightly, who has patiently bided his time to quarterback the team, was moved this past week to wing to help the T-E-A-M. The classy senior handled it the right way; saying all the right things you would expect a veteran leader to say…;

“I felt like we improved from last week. We’ve got to put four good quarters together, that’s what we need to do. Kennett;s play some tought competition. They’re pretty solid.”

“But we’ll keep fighting. I always fight and that’s what this team does.”



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As a working journalist for the better part of 3 decades, I’ve been to a few rodeos…if u know what I’m sayin…If not, don’t bother reading any further.

There are times when – as my wise father told me often – ‘Son, you don’t got to tell everything you know.” Now, combine that – something that was ingrained in my head since I was a young lad – with an experience I had as a gung-ho young Sports Editor at the Daily Dunklin Democrat that set my sites as an aspiring journalist who wanted to be taken serious…


I had overstepped boundaries in covering a story involving the Malden High School football team in the mid-80’s. The legendary Publisher of the DDD, Mr. Jack Stapleton, called me into his office to go over my mistake; why I covered it the way I did and how would we handle the resultant fallout…

I learned – rather quickly – that it’s not all the same; how you cover events/ things/ people…each is judged on an individual basis, but set standards and core principles to follow and keep yourself out of a court-room…

We did. And, I continued on as the Sports Editor of the DDD for a few more years working in a news organization/environment not equalled in my ensuing years in the business….That paper set standards…and still is a quality publication with Dustin Ward doing a supreme job in my old job that I got as a result of a high-school friend who married the daughter of the long-time Sports Editor Bob Redman….

Networking; contacts…those I’ve developed in the region over the past 3 decades is what has me standing at the precipice of starting my own business – of journalism…with ethics; standards and principles applied that I’ve learned during my years covering – for the most part – other people’s children.

SHE'S A FUTURE QB (not kidding) and HE'S A FUTURE GAURD -no joke either 🙂


I have my own. I understand how precious they are. I don’t ‘quote kids unless I know them and they are comfortable in speaking with me…I have no opposition from the Blue Jays or Eagles I approach now…

In fact, I err on the side of caution when reporting on high schools. For example, if a player fumbles at a crucial time; or throws an interception that results in a loss, I don’t name the player – I use the team…that’s the way I’ve done it for a long, long time.

So, I say all that to say this. If you don’t know the entire situation from all three angles (yours,mine & the truth); then use caution when opening your mouth – or putting words in publication , never know who may be listening…or reading…Kp

Sometimes, son; “You don’t got to tell everything you know.”

And, just to add my own part, some times things are better left unsaid….jus sayin…

Quick example; the Eagles sophomore Brad Beck is out for the season – now – as a result of a broken wrist suffered in the season’s first play but toughed it out until forced to seek medical attention…He’s wearing a cast now on the sideline. I knew this information mid-week.

Yet, out of respect to all involved, never reported this. I was also aware of the quarterback change for Ep and had talked with Kennett coach Corey Adkisson with this knowledge possessed. Needless to say, he didn’t hear that from me…

Those are just two examples of how reporters/announcers should handle certain issues. No, this isn’t the NFL, but take a trip to the sideline of your local high school football team and sense the intensity; the pomp and circumstance of the event…

Football is Americana…and there’s no place I’d rather be on a Friday nite than on the sidelines covering the game….



And, for those that know me and still don’t take me serious, there’s nothing I can do about the outgoing fun way I view life; “It is what it is”….and “It will be OK because it’s got to be OK…”


WORKING = WINNING...Photo courtesy of Randy Sutton...:)


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Some quick observations while finishing up the game stories…

Charleston puts 4 quarters together next week at Hayti and they beat the Indians. The Blue Jays have as much – if not more – talent as the 1A SEMO South front-runner, but miscues and fumbles have prevented the Blue Jays from playing that complete game.

It’s midseason. It’s time.

While I missed the second half explosion, I listened intently on the drive back from New Madrid to Ep  (BTW:I visited the third crevasse prior to the game and had a great conversation with a great local source) to 107.1 and Spencer Whitehead and Brink Naile. About as solid as a high school radio broadcast as you would want to hear – and I’ve got a bit of experience in that field.

My last paying gig was doing play-by-play for Murray (Ky.) High School. Back then, they were terrible; now, they have become a 1A power second only to the legendary Mayfield program. Back to the game, Spencer and Brink keep you informed (time, score); provide stats and cohesive fluent game chatter…; great stuff for a reporter trying to cover two teams….Thanks….

HAYTI led 20-7 at halftime at legendary Hopke Field – a terrible place fo play for an opponent – ask anyone; (I have painful memories of the place). It’s deemed the Battle of the Bootheel and it was the 75th playing of the rivalry. According to information in Caruthersville’s Democrat Argus; C’ville leads the series 52-20-3.

The Tigers – who tore off 34 unanswered enroute to the 41-20 final against the Indians could go a long ways in Class 3A if they stay focused for 4 quarters. But, that’s a big If. No questioning their talent in Elbie Fonda and Darrell Monroe – among others…

But, Charleston can answer Hayti’s Kannard Humes with Jamaul Gray; Rontavious Clark and others, including Mike Kellum who had a breakout game against the NMCC Eagles…

KENNETT 28  Ep  13

Leading only 14-7 late in the third quarter, the Indians finally wore down the youthful Eagles with their superior size advantage on the line and multi-talented running back Darius Warren who logged 270 yards  on the nite…to post the 28-13 final margin.


Kennett also broke into the win column and in a special way with head coach Corey Adkisson- an Eagle alum – getting his first victory as the Kennett head man. The Indian program – a difficult one to win at – has been to the playoffs only three times in school history all under legendary coach Jack Burns in the mid-80’s, according to information posted on SEMOSPORTSWEB…

The 1-3 Eagles – playing without the services of key seniors Phillip Latomondeer and Huff – are getting big time contributions from freshman TJ Shands, Mason Douglas, Adrian Soto Mack Marcum, and sophomores Frankie Nave, Nick Hodges, Damion Tipler, Cody Smith, Larry Mayabb – among others; junior Cody Smith and standing seniors Dalton Golightly, Billy Aycock, Shawn King, Jesse Soto and Colton Triplett will have to hold court until the younger troops get stabilized…

This week won’t be that week as East Prairie takes the back roads to 2A powerhouse Mountain View Liberty. The team will have the longest road-trip of the season and can prepare now for Week 6 and beyond…


The Bulldogs are 3-1; they have been on an upswing in recent years past…; but I’m not sold on their ranking despite a 57-30 win at Dexter. Sikeston will get their real test come District time  with Perryville, Cape Central and power house Farmington to end the regular season.


The Greenwave seem to be scoring points on everyone; Defense may be their achilles come District time with Caruthersville standing in the way. Malden moved to 2-1 in the SEMO South but that loss came at the hands of front-running Hayti. The Bulldogs – uncharacteristically – not playing a lot of ‘D’ either.


The Bearcats are on a roll.  They have their SEMO Central showdown with Caruthersville the first week of October (7th); before heading into the 3A District run with Kennett, NMCC and Fredericktown as the front-runner.





  Week 5 schedule:

Ep at Mountain View; Charleston at Hayti; Portageville at Kennett; NMCC at C’ville; Malden at Dexter; SC at Chaffee; Sikeston at Jackson; Gosnell, Ar. at PB; N. County at CC; McCluer N. at Farmington          

                                SEMO CONFERENCE


Hayti                                      3              1             3           0

Malden                                  3              1              2           1

Scott City                              2              2              1             1

Chaffee                                  2              2              1            1

East Prairie                          1              3              0             2

Portageville                          1             3              0             3


Caruthersville                    4              0              1              0

Dexter                                 3              1              0              0

Charleston                         2              2              2               0

Kennett                              1               3             0              0

NMCC                                0              4             0              2


Farmington                       4              0               0            0

Cape Central                     3              0              1             0

Sikeston                             3              1              1             0

Poplar Bluff                       1              3              0            1

Jackson                              1              3              0            1


Kennett 28 EP  13

Charleston 33  NMCC  0

Civille 41    Hayti  28

Sikeston  38   PB   7

CC 14   Jackson  12

Dexter 54   Scott City    6

Malden 41 Portageville 24

Chaffee 39   St. Vincent 7

Farmignton W North Co.

WEEK 3 Results

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Tied at 7 at in a hard-hitting and mistake prone – for both teams – first half; Kennett outscored East Prairie 21-6 in the second half to post a 28-13 final margin of victory. It was the first ‘W’ for Indian head coach Corey Adkisson.

Both teams are now 1-3 overall; Kennett is 0-2 in the SEMO Central while the Eagles are 0-2 in the South. Ep travels to state power Mountain View Friday while the Indians go home to host Portageville for Homecoming.



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